Requests for early admission to kindergarten or first grade should be made by submitting the Academic Acceleration for Advanced Learners Referral Form - Early Entrance to the school principal by April 1 of the preceding school year.  To qualify for early entrance screening for kindergarten or first grade, a parent/guardian must provide proof of the following to the school principal:

    • Proof of residency within District 60
    • Child’s attendance records from an early childhood center or non-public preschool or school

    Screening Process

    The procedures for evaluation are based on the research from the Iowa Acceleration Scale, 3rd Edition.  The measures take into consideration various indicators that determine student readiness for acceleration.

    • Appointment is scheduled for student assessment.  Two sessions (60-90 minutes each) are scheduled between May 15-May 30.
    • Completion of parent and teacher questionnaires.

    After the completion of the entire screening process, a comprehensive review of student qualifications will be conducted and a determination will be made.