• Our Composer of the Month is John Philip Sousa. Mystery Musicians are welcome all year to email sbeglen@maercker.org to set up a time to perform for your child’s class.

    Kindergarten - Students in Mrs. Smetana’s class are finishing up their music rotation and have grown a lot! Each visit we sing a Welcome Song, ask your students that have come to music (KSm, KMi and KC) to sing it.  We practice keeping the steady beat on instruments and through dance motions. We practice using our different voices: speaking, singing, whisper and even shouting! As we draw to a close for the trimester students are learning the difference between long(1 syllable) and short short (2 syllable) rhythms.

    1st Grade - The first graders in Mrs. Iasielo, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Gouveia and Mrs. Yopchick are improvising with three rhythms (quarter note “ta” eighth notes “ti-ti” and quarter rest “shh”). Students play a four beat pattern using any combination of those rhythms and the class echos.  1st graders also practice writing down our classroom songs. We are focusing on two pitches(So - high and Mi - low).

    2nd Grade - The second graders in Mrs. Krupp, Mrs. McElroy and Mrs. L. Miller’s class are preparing for their concert on March 18 at 7pm.  In our concert you will hear how we can create music from a story. We will feature “Listen to Our World” by Bill Martin Jr. and Michael Sampson, “The Deep Blue Sea” by Audrey Wood, and “Bedtime at the Swamp” by Kristyn Crow. We have explored many instruments and chose ones to best fit chants we made.  You may have already seen our chants on Seesaw.