New Student Registration

  • Holmes School - Grades PreK-2nd - 630.515.4810

    Maercker School - Grades 3rd-5th - 630.515.4820

    Westview School - Grades 6th-8th - 630.515.4830


    If you are new to the district and registering for the next school year (2023-24), please continue with the steps below.


    Only residents who physically occupy and live within the boundaries of Maercker School District 60 are eligible for enrollment. Families NEW to Maercker School District 60 must provide sufficient residency documentation.

    Families should review their property tax bill or check the DuPage County Assessors website to ensure they are registering for school in the proper district. Click DuPage County - Property Look Up for the DuPage Assessors web page.

    During the online registration process, you will need to upload the following documents:

    Original birth certificate or passport (In addition to an upload, you are required to bring these to the school office for in-person verification)

    Residency Documents (example pictured below)


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