• Strategic Plan

    Strategic Plan 2017 – 2022


    Preparing today's learners to excel in tomorrow's world.

    Mission and Goals

    The mission of Maercker School District 60 is to provide exemplary learning experiences

    within a positive, safe and caring environment that supports student academic and personal growth.


    We believe that a rigorous and developmentally appropriate curriculum
    addresses individual student needs, is focused on academic growth,
    and is based on best practice and current research.

    We hold high expectations for student achievement and character,

    and will guide students to make responsible choices for their lives and the learning process.

    We believe a safe and caring learning environment 

    maximizes student and staff potential.

    We believe a high quality staff is essential to a high- achieving school system.

    We foster a culture of continuous improvement through teamwork,
    collaboration, systems thinking and shared leadership

    We believe diversity enhances our learning community. 

    We believe parent and community involvement,
    and two-way communication, will help us achieve our collective goals.

    We believe fiscal responsibility and stewardship of resources are the responsibility of all.


    Student Growth & Achievement

    Organizational Health & Development

    Communication & Community Partnerships

    Fiscal & Operational Stewardship