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  • From the Superintendent:
     COVID-19 Update

    We continue to appreciate your cooperation in keeping our schools fully open for in-person learning. The health requirements have evolved over time, as health authorities learn more about COVID-19.

    As a reminder, families should not send a student exhibiting any of the COVID-19 symptoms to school. A student exhibiting a COVID symptom must receive a negative COVID test result and be symptom free before returning to school. Students who do not test must be excluded from school for 10 calendar days. Please call your school nurse to arrange onsite testing at one of our schools. Siblings of a symptomatic student who tests and gets a negative result within 24 hours of symptom onset can remain in school and will not be excluded. Finally, we are excited to implement a test-to-stay in school program for school based close contacts meeting certain requirements. This was allowed as part of the Governor’s recent Executive Order.

    Dr. Sean Nugent