• Buildings & Grounds

    Buildings and GroundsFacility Usage Overview:

    Maercker District 60 facilities are a community resource owned and operated by the Board of Education primarily for the education of the children in the District.  The Board will consider providing the community with space for educational, civic, cultural, recreational, or charitable or other meetings and programs when such requests do not interfere with:  (1) any school function or the safety of students or employees, (2) with school programs or school-sponsored activities, or (3) affect the property or liability of the School District.  The Board, however, may refuse to allow use of its facilities for any meetings, programs, or activities that may be disruptive, obscene, vulgar, indecent, or violates the rights of privacy of others.  In all cases, the use of District facilities for school purposes has precedence over all other uses.  Persons on District premises must abide by the District's conduct rules at all times.

    How to request the use of Maercker School Distict 60 Facilities:  

    1. Review and complete the Building Usage Request Form. 
    2. Turn in the request form and all addition documentation requested to the Sandy Hendricksen, Business Office Support Assistant, at the District Office located at 1 S. Cass Ave, Suite 202, Westmont, IL 60559
    3. Further questions can be directed to Sandy Henricksen at (630) 515-4853 or via email shenricksen@maercker.org 

    Building Maintenance Contacts

    Holmes Primary SchoolShaun Meeksmeek@maercker.org 
    Maercker Intermediate SchoolCarl Meyercmeyer@maercker.org
    Westview Hills Middle SchoolJohn Prueterjprueter@maercker.org