• District 60 Virtual Backpack

    Maercker School District 60 receives requests on a regular basis from various organizations to distribute informational materials to our students.  Suitability and approval of such material is at the discretion of District 60 in accordance with Board of Education Policy (8:25). District 60 has adopted a new method of making information from community, educational, charitable and other recreational organizations available to our students and families. Rather than the countless number of flyers students carry home on a weekly basis, information will be available through our Virtual Backpack60. Families without Internet access may request such information from the individual school offices. Groups interested in submitting informational materials for posting on our Virtual Backpack 60 web site must do so electronically by emailing a completed District 60 Flyer Request Form and a PDF of the flyer to Candice Quinerly (cquinerly@maercker.org) at least ten days in advance of the desired posting date. We ask that organizations limit postings to one per month, with a two month limit for any one item. Approved postings will be updated on a weekly basis. Complete details and guidelines are provided by clicking on DISTRIBUTION OF MATERIALS.

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    Community Events Park District Scouting
    IPPL Write On Competition 

    Halloween Happenings - DuPage Forest Preserve 



     Girl Scouts - 2nd Grade
    Music Parent Association Miscellaneous School/PTA
     Papa Passero's Fundraisers

    Language Labs - Holmes

    Language Labs - Maercker

    Children's Clothing Resale

    Chess Wizards

    Bridge Wizards

     Young Rembrandts - Holmes

    Young Rembrandts - Maercker

    Reflections Art Competition


    Maercker Educational Foundation Sports  Hinsdale PTO



    Community Speaker Series




    Distribution of all materials must be approved through:


    Candice Quinerly

    The following criteria will apply to all materials submitted for online posting:

    1. Community, educational, charitable and other recreational organizations that are non-profit or not-for-profit will be allowed to post/distribute informational materials on the Virtual Backpack60 web page upon review and approval by the Administration Center.  Posting/Distribution of materials for commercial organizations will not be permitted.  An organization may be asked to submit a rationale seeking permission to post/distribute materials.

    2. All activities and information must be appropriate for students .  Activities should relate to school function, event or purpose, or relate to an agency that offers widely appealing recreational program options for students.

    3. Activities should not conflict with public tax supported efforts already in effect.

    4. Activities should accommodate a community-wide need and must be significant for the portion of the population served by the boundaries of District 60.

    5. Application should be made ten days prior to the posting/distribution date and one copy of the proposed material must accompany the request for posting/distribution.

    6. An organization should attempt to limit its request(s) to one per month.

    7. District 60 will not endorse anything that requires solicitation for local service organizations.

    8. All proposed material for posting/distribution shall have the sponsoring organization's name prominently displayed and shall contain the following disclaimer, "This is not a Maercker School District 60 sponsored activity."

    9. All requests for the posting/distribution of materials must be made electronically by emailing a completed 
    District 60 Flyer Request Form and a PDF of the flyer to Candice Quinerly (cquinerly@maercker.org). Once approved by the Administration Center, the requesting organization will be notified and the material will be posted for one month, starting from the date of notification.  Twenty-five paper copies per school (75 total if applicable to all three schools) must be provided to the Administration Center after approval.


    In order to submit a request for your flyer to be added to the District 60 Virtual Backpack site, please do the following:

    1. Download the District 60 Flyer Request Form from above to your computer. (It is a Word Document).

    2. Fill in all required information.

    3.  Save the completed form to your desktop.

    4.  E-mail a copy of the completed form AND a PDF of the flyer you wish to have posted to: Candice Quinerly at cquinerly@maercker.org.

    5.  A confirmation of posting will be emailed back to you.