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Westview Hills’ Chris Lin named 2019 DuPage Assistant Principal of the Year

The Illinois Principals Association has named Westview Hills assistant principal Chris Lin the DuPage Regional Office of Education Assistant Principal of the Year. Lin was recognized for the honor at the DuPage Student Recognition Breakfast on April 29.

Lin learned in February that he would receive the honor and was “shocked.”

“I am relatively new to administration and while I try to do my best for my community I know there is so much for me to learn and improve upon,” Lin said. “I also know there are so many AP’s out there working hard for their own communities and doing wonderful work. After the shock, I settled into gratitude. I am grateful for the recognition, but also supremely grateful because of all the benefits I have at Westview. I have such supportive and motivating colleagues as well as a wonderfully welcoming community that even on the toughest days, I’m still excited to get to work.

To even be considered for the award, Lin had to be nominated, submit letters of recommendation and write about the work he has been doing as an assistant principal.

According to Westview Hills principal Amber Quirk, exemplifying Maercker’s core values is what Lin does in his work that makes him worthy of the honor. Quirk said Lin is “very dedicated to improving himself and others,” whether it be from evaluations or acting on the data and results of surveys to make improvements for both students and teachers. In addition, Quirk said he always has a “positive, can-do attitude” and exemplifies teamwork every day.

Prior to working at Westview Hills, Lin worked in residential life at the Illinois Math and Science Academy for three years. His position at IMSA “rooted [him] in a lot of [his] social emotional learning beliefs,” as “living in a dorm with students gives you a very unique perspective on them.” Following his time at IMSA, he taught at Jones College Prep in Chicago, where he had the opportunity to start and become involved with many clubs, including a tennis team, a science Olympiad team, an Asian Culture Club, a mentorship program, an engineering program and a robotics team. After nearly 11 years, he moved from teaching to administration and became Westview’s assistant principal in 2016.

“I was really nervous about the jump from teaching to administration, but Principal Quirk, the other principals and AP’s, district office have all been wonderfully patient and helpful to me in making the transition,” he said. “I am thankful that in my career to have found such nurturing communities that have allowed me to grow and learn.”

Being named the DuPage Assistant Principal of the Year is another milestone in his career, one he said has made him more motivated moving forward.

“It looks like my hard work to learn and grow is paying off,” Lin said. “This kind of award is reinvigorating for the spirit. There’s so much I can improve upon and many things I need to do better for our community so hopefully I have not peaked yet!”

Although he is appreciative of the IPA for the individual recognition, Lin said the award is not just about him.

“It is always nice to have your hard work recognized and know that I am on a good path,” he said. “I am also really appreciative of the Maercker community that welcomed me a few years ago. I cannot say enough positive things about the students, staff, and leadership teams across the district. They are passionate and motivating and I just try to keep up with them. I think this award is more a testament to my colleagues who do amazing work more than anything else. I have just reaped the benefits of a wonderful community.”