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D60 Hires New Chief School Business Official (CSBO)

On Tuesday, February 21, the Maercker D60 Board of Education took action to approve the hiring of a new Chief School Business Official (CSBO), effective July 1, 2023. Patrick King will be replacing current CSBO Sue Caddy, who is retiring on June 30. 


Patrick has had an impressive career in finance in a variety of areas including auditing, taxes, managing financial statements for different organizations and serving as the Director of Financial Reporting for the Cook County Comptroller. He currently serves as the Senior Director of Finance for Oak Park Elementary School District 97 and will be a great addition to the Maercker School District 60 team. 


“As a school finance professional, I love having the opportunity to make a direct impact on the quality of education that students receive,” said King. “I truly enjoy working closely with teachers, administrators, and other education professionals to provide the resources they need to do their jobs effectively. I feel that strong schools are essential to the health and vitality of communities and I have a great desire to contribute to the long-term success of the Maercker 60 community by helping to ensure that the schools are well-managed and well-funded.”


The CSBO is an incredibly important part of any school district administrative team who need to work with district stakeholders to ensure resources are available for student success. 


“We are truly grateful for Sue Caddy's years of service to D60, and the strong financial position that she has helped us maintain,” said Superintendent Dr. Sean Nugent. “We look forward to having Patrick join our team and provide his expertise and passion for making sure that our schools continue to thrive in Maercker School District 60.”