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Celebrating the 2023 Retirees

We are excited to celebrate the eight team members who are retiring this year! These teachers and staff members have been such an amazing part of our district and have a combined 186 years of experience in Maercker District 60! Learn a little more about the folks retiring this year and be sure to congratulate them if you see them!


Congratulations to our retirees Angie Burnett, Sue Caddy, Sandy Hathaway, Krystyna Jasinski, Mary Krause, Susen LeValley, Karin Miller, and Laura Scurto!

2023 retirees

Angie Burnett has been at D60 for 32 years and has served as the Math 7 Teacher at Westview Hills and half day PE early on in her career. She has also coached Girls’ Basketball, Track & Field, Girls’ Volleyball, & Boys’ Volleyball, led the Cooking Club and served as a member of BLT and ILT and as a mentor to multiple staff members.


When asked her favorite memory in D60, Angie said, “There are really too many to even narrow it down. Just the relationships made with so many fabulous people…students, co-workers, parents/families, that was the best!”


Sue Caddy has been at D60 for 10 years serving as Chief School Business Official. She has been an instrumental part of our district team! 

When asked her favorite memory in D60, Sue said, “I have so many favorite moments working at D60, providing the financial and operational support to our staff to assist them in doing what’s best for their students. D60 is a great district with committed and compassionate staff, and it’s been my absolute pleasure working here.”


Sandy Hathaway has been part of the D60 team for 35 years as a teacher. Her current role is teaching second grade at Holmes but in the past she has taught third and fourth grade as well as served as the Gifted Specialist for grades K-8. 

When asked her favorite memory in D60, Sandy said, “It is difficult to pick just one memory. When I think back on all the years, it is the students and staff that made my career in the district wonderful! I love to laugh, and I’ve been so lucky to always work with colleagues that brought laughter and joy to our days of teaching! These colleagues/friends will be forever memorable!”


Krystyna Jasinski has been at D60 for 15 years and has served as cashier and food preparation in the cafeterias at Westview and Maercker. She also served as part of the summer cleaning crew for 12 years and as custodian at the district office for seven years. 

When asked her favorite memory in D60, Krystyna said, “I enjoyed organizing with Kathy Debo for the Retirement Party in Maercker School and I loved doing fruit plates, desserts and decorations.”



Mary Krause has been part of the D60 team for 19 years and currently serves as a PE Teacher at Holmes. In the past, she has been an EC instructional assistant, classroom instructional assistant, 1:1 instructional assistant, lunch and recess supervisor, Front door duty AM and PM, bus duty, BLT representative, part time PE teacher, and did small group pull out instruction!


When asked her favorite memory in D60, Mary said, “Flying the W flag, in 2016, after the Cubs won the World Series! A drawing done by an EC student of her “Happy Birthday to me!” was awesome and Brenda Lowell framed the picture. I still have it at home in my office. Helping to raise large donations for the American Heart Association during the annual Kids Heart Challenge event was also amazing.”


Susen LeValley has taught in D60 for 23 years and is currently a third grade teacher at Maercker. In the past she has been involved in the mentor program, has been part of ELA curriculum work, and was involved with the Yearbook and Garden Clubs. 


When asked her favorite memory in D60, Susen said, “When the Garden Club established the Native Garden at Maercker School!”


Karin Miller has been part of the D60 team for 19 years and decided to go into education after working in business for 10 years. She taught third grade at Maercker for 16 years and second grade at Holmes for three years. 


When asked her favorite memory in D60, Karin said, “There were so many memorable moments, it's hard to choose one. I guess my favorite memory would be seeing how much the students mature and grow academically from the beginning of the school year to the end!”


Laura Scurto Has been in D60 for 33 years and serves as a PE Teacher at Holmes. The past she has also served as Teaching Assistant for Mrs. Krupp and in Early Childhood, Bus Supervisor,  Lunchroom Supervisor, Kindergarten Teacher, 1st Grade Teacher, Summer School Teacher, MEA Building Representative for 10 years, Holmes School Mascot, PTA mom, PTA Teacher Representative, PTA 8th Grade Dinner Dance Chairperson, Ran the Fun Fair Cake Walk for 15 years, Science Fair Judge, and as American Heart Association Kids Heart Challenge Coordinator helping to raise over $180,000.


When asked her favorite memory in D60, Laura said, “Meeting my husband in second grade, having my own children go through the district, Dr. Lundeen’s Christmas Parties, working alongside many of my former teachers, all of the friends, students, parents and administrators I have worked with over the past 33 years!”