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Elevating Learning by Making it Personal: A Spotlight on Maercker Media Technology Specialist Stephanie Walker

Stephanie Walker is no stranger to literacy, technology, or the Maercker community. With a Master’s degree in Library Science, she started her career as a librarian for a K-8 district and has spent 15 years in District 60, first at Holmes Primary School, and then serving both Holmes and Maercker Intermediate School, and is now in her third year as Media Technology Specialist at Maercker.



She spends her days co-teaching, going into classrooms to support different units, meeting with teachers, and finding ways to make learning as engaging and exciting for students as possible. While nurturing a love of reading will always be an important part of her role, she has embraced how the use of technology can bring an extra element to learning, especially for elementary students, and aims to empower other teachers to embrace technology as a tool.


“The goal is to find ways to merge and use technology with the curriculum throughout the year to make the subject matter more meaningful,” said Walker. “We think a lot about how we can make it fun, but also integrate skills that students will need for their future, like research, using different software or programs, and being good digital citizens.”