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Master Facility Planning 2017-18

Maercker D60 is seeking to make improvements at our two oldest schools: Holmes Primary School, which opened in 1961, and Westview Hills Middle School, which opened in 1974. Details of the plan can be found below.

March 15, 2018 Letter to the Community

What Will This Plan Cost?

Given the $28 million cost of this project, the district sought an independent assessment by a financial analyst.

The financial analyst found that the estimated tax impact of the referendum question for a home valued at $300,000 is $146. This will bring the bond and interest payment to $449 in calendar year 2019. 

Moving forward using the example $300,000 home, and using an estimate of home values increasing in value by 3% annually, the bond and interest payment is actually lower for the next 17 years. This is because the district will arrange flat bond payments of approximately $2.9 million dollars over the term of the bonds. Click the link below to see the yearly payment schedule.

Independent Financial Analysis

(Click here to see an estimated Property tax Calculation for other home values)

District Recommended Plan - Holmes School

  • Build additional classrooms to implement full day kindergarten and expand early childhood programming
  • Enclose current open classrooms
  • Provide spaces for specialized services (OT, PT, special education, interventions)

District Recommended Plan - Westview Hills

  • Build new science labs
  • Renovate and expand art room
  • Renovate and expand STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) lab
  • Renovate and expand culinary arts lab
  • Renovate and expand band spaces
  • Renovate and expand mixed use cafetorium (cafeteria during day, performance space after hours for concerts and theatrical productions)
  • Enclose current open classrooms
  • Enhance parking and adjust traffic flow to prevent bus drop-off and parent drop-off from crossing.

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ document is updated regularly as questions are received.

To Ask a Question

Maercker District 60 has developed a master facility plan to help ensure our physical spaces meet current – and future – curriculum needs.

The plan addresses all aspects of our facilities, with a focus on our two oldest facilities: Holmes School, which opened in 1961, and Westview Hills Middle School, which opened in 1974. Holmes School is over capacity, with early childhood students being served in mobile classrooms in the back parking lot. We know from previous surveys that there is parent support for full day Kindergarten and an expansion of our early learning programs to provide more educational access for the 3 and 4 year olds in the district. We also have facility needs at Westview Hills in order to continue providing exceptional learning opportunities for our middle schoolers.

Discovery Stage

Our district architects were on site for full days at both Holmes and Westview. They interviewed staff, parents and students, observed a typical day from student arrival to dismissal, and walked the schools to make additional observations. They facilitated an electronic survey of all staff, and engaged students and staff in a design studio to gather additional insight.

Discovery Phase Findings

A Facilities Steering Committee comprised of board members, administrators, teachers and parents was formed to review the findings. The committee developed a list of guiding principles that was used to evaluate different concepts. Over the course of multiple meetings, the committee is recommending that a draft be shared with the community.

Guiding Principles 

Community Input

The district committed to a transparent process and invited the entire Maercker community to engage with us. We hosted three Citizens’ Task Force meetings throughout the fall of 2017 to gather input from the community. These meetings were open to the public and included presentations of plans with an opportunity to provide input.

August 31, 2017 (6:30 - 8:00) at Holmes Primary School

  • Introduction to the process
  • Building tours
  • Share findings from Discovery Phase
  • Share initial design concepts and budget opinions

September 26, 2017 (6:30 - 8:00) at Westview Hills Middle School. 

  • Initial thoughts and feedback on the district recommended plan
  • Review of budget opinions and comparables
  • Bond council presentation
  • Recommendation on community survey topics

November 8, 2017 (6:30 - 8:00) at Westview Hills Middle School. 

  • Review community survey findings
  • Final vetting of the district recommended Master Facility Plan
  • Develop recommendation to administration and Board of Education