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Westview Students Learn About First Amendment Rights (Click to Read More)

8th grade students have been learning about the importance and privileges of our First Amendment Rights. They have discussed how and why people speak up about their beliefs, stand up for their rights, protest, write, or even sing about important issues that our world faces today.

They've discussed the theme of civil unrest, why it happens, and how it can lead to a turning point for our communities and society. In ELA, students chose a “song of revolution” to analyze, research, and discuss. This project was related to our month’s theme of literacy in celebration of Academic Writing Month.

We would like to recognize the following students:

Manuela Nofodji, who studied the song ‘Be Free’ by J.Cole and learned about modern day civil rights (below)

Manuela Nfodji

Sebrina Sebastian, who studied the song ‘Hijabi’ by Mona Haydar and learned about women’s rights (below)

Sebrina Sebastian

Christian Membrila-Ruiz, who studied the song ‘Mi Gente’ by J.Balvin, Willy William, & Beyonce and learned about diversity (below)

Christian Membrila-Ruiz