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Holmes Students Participate in Digital Storytelling (Click to Read More)

Mrs. Blake and Mrs. Markowski teamed up to join an international digital storytelling adventure with a group called the Traveling Tales. Students were able to join a group of 3 classrooms around the world to tell ONE collaborative story about helping the Earth. They were challenged with the beginning of the story, and to help teach about the Global Goals specifically saving living things underwater. Students worked in teams to brainstorm, write and illustrate a creative introduction to a story under the sea.

 Digital Storytelling

We have sent our story off to a classroom of 2nd graders in FIJI who will write the middle of the story, and then the final class in is China and they will write the end of the story! We can't wait to see what happens to the characters we created! It was a great creative writing project to work with students around the world to celebrate literacy.