Construction Update 4/8/19 (Click for more)

Construction is really moving now that the weather is getting better.  Gilbane recently provided drone photos showing the progress of construction.  The link for Holmes can be accessed here and Westview Hills can be accessed here.   Each link has three different photos.  If you click on the picture you can drag it around to see different perspectives.




·         Steel work will wrap up by Monday, 4/8/19.  The roof deck and second floor deck are complete and concrete floors will be poured next week.

·         Roofing contractor has set up their safety equipment and will begin laying the roof soon

·         Work on the south and west exterior walls has started and will continue through next week


Westview Hills:


·         Roof decking on new addition is complete and roofing contractor will be out next week to install the roof membrane

·         Concrete slab for the floor and the courtyard sidewalk will be poured today and Monday

·         Exterior framing of the addition will begin next week