Construction Update 5/20/19 (Click for more)

Holmes School Week of May 20th

 Mechanical contractor continues to install ductwork on the second floor. Received the VAV boxes and will be finishing ductwork on second floor within the next week. Continuing to rough-in piping and ductwork on the first floor.
 Continuing to rough-in electrical conduits overhead on the first floor and on the second floor. Installing all back boxes and TV boxes on all floors.
 Finalizing the storm drain work. Roughing in vent and domestic water piping on first floor.
 Drywall contractor has completed stud framing on the second floor. Approximately 85% complete with the stud framing on the first floor.
 Spray applied Air/Vapor barrier is continuing on the exterior sheathing. Drywall contractor is framing the exterior soffits.
 Mason has begun installing the brick in the courtyard.
 Installed hand rails on the south east stair. Began installation of the north stair.

Westview Hills Middle School Week of May 20th
 Drywall contractor has continued installation of the stud framing in the addition. Nearing completion of the science corridor wall framing. Installed all interior frames in the addition.
 Electrician is continuing the home-run conduit installation work on the interior of the existing building. Prepared conduit for rough-in into the masonry walls in the science rooms of the addition. Continuing installation of TV boxes through the addition.
 Mechanical contractor continued the installation of the hot water piping, gas piping for the science classrooms. Ductwork in the addition is continuing. Continued the insulation of the ductwork.
 Mason has finished the interior masonry walls that remain on the addition. Continued installing the spray applied air/vapor barrier on the exterior of the building.