Construction Update 6/24/19 (Click for more)

Holmes School Week of June 24th

 Mechanical rough-in work in Area B began this week. The rough-in work in area C (existing boiler room) is continuing.  Continued to pull wiring throughout the building.
 Plumber working on installing the domestic water mains in the Area C corridors from the water service room.
 Drywall contractor continues to tape and mud the walls on the second floor. Continues to hang drywall on the first floor.
 Mason continued to tooth in the brick work at the new window openings of the Area B renovation.
 Curtainwall and glass in the courtyard was completed. Curtainwall frames and glazing continued on the south elevation of the addition.
 Framed walls in the renovation area B.
 Electrician is continuing rough-in of conduit in Area B.

Westview Hills Middle School Week of June 24th
 Electrician is continuing rough-in of electrical conduit through the renovation areas A and B. Working on the switchgear and power panels in the boiler room.
 Mechanical contractor is 90% complete with insulation of duct and water lines in the addition. Continued the rough-in of ductwork in both area A (band area) and Area B (library area).
 Plumber has completed approximately 75% of the underground plumbing in the renovation areas A and B.
 Mason has completed masonry walls on the west side of the renovation of area A, working their way to the east.
 Steel contractor has completed the structural steel work required in the auditorium area.

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