Construction Update 7/8/19 (Click for more)

Holmes School Week of July 8th

 Mechanical rough-in work in Area B continues. The rough-in work in area C (existing boiler room) is continuing. Equipment pads were poured for the boiler, water heater, expansion tank and pumps.
 Continued to pull wiring throughout the building. Shutdown occurred connecting primary feeds.
 Drywall contractor has completed the taping and mudding of the second floor drywall. Taping walls on the first floor has begun.
 Curtainwall frames and glazing continues on the south elevation of the addition as well as the north side of area B.  Electrician is continuing rough-in of conduit in Area B.
 Painter is on second floor starting block filler in restrooms and beginning prime coat of paint all other areas.
 Poured the stairs on the southeast side of the building, including the top landing. Poured the stoops around the building. Finally, poured the ramp and link between Area A addition and the B-wing.

Westview Hills Middle School Week of July 8th

 Electrician is continuing rough-in of electrical conduit through the renovation areas A and B. Working on the switchgear and power panels in the boiler room.
 Mechanical contractor is continuing the rough-in of ductwork and VAV boxes in both area A (FACS and corridor) and Area A (cafeteria area).
 Plumber has completed all underground plumbing except at the grease interceptor and the sewage ejector pit. All other trenches have been backfilled and poured back.
 Mason finished all walls in the cafeteria except for the shortest kneewall.
 Concrete was poured in the band area of the auditorium space as well as the high end of the cafeteria.
 Drywall is continuing to be installed in the area B classrooms. Taping and finishing the walls on the library side of the classrooms in area B.

holmes courtyard