Construction Update - 1/14/2019 (Click for More)


All concrete footings and concrete foundation work was completed during December.  After testing for proper concrete strength, the contractor backfilled the foundation walls with stone.  Preparation for the masonry wall work began with the arrival of the concrete silos and the construction of scaffolding.  This work will continue throughout the winter with the use of tenting and heaters to counteract the effects of cold temperatures.

Westview Hills:


December marked the beginning of the site work at Westview Hills.  All of the exterior wall footings and foundations were excavated, and the concrete for the footings and foundation were poured.  The remaining 15 contracts were awarded by the Board of Education in December. 

Abatement of asbestos-containing floor mastic was complete during spring break.  Thank you to the Westview staff and students for their patience and understanding as we continue the remainder of the school year with bare concrete floors in the fine arts wing of the building.  It is temporary and the end result will be worth the wait!

Click here to see a time lapse of construction progress.
Construction Time Lapse