Construction Update 5/31/19 (Click for more)

Holmes School Week of May 27th

 Mechanical Contractor has started to install insulation on the second floor ductwork in the corridors. Continuing to rough-in piping and ductwork on the first floor. 
 Continuing to rough-in electrical conduits overhead on the first floor and on the second floor. Installing all back boxes and TV boxes on all floors. Is installing the rough-in for the exterior can lights located in the soffits. 
 Roughing in vent and domestic water piping on first floor.  Drywall contractor has begun to hang the drywall in the second floor corridor. Framing on first floor has been completed. 
 Spray applied Air/Vapor barrier is continuing on the exterior sheathing. Drywall contractor is install the nail base insulation that will be behind the metal panels. 
 Mason has completed the brickwork in the courtyard and is continuing on the east side as well as the north side. Set up stage scaffold on the south side.

Westview Hills Middle School Week of May 27th

 Drywall contractor continued framing and hanging sheathing on the exterior soffit and courtyard walls. 
 Electrician is continuing the home-run conduit installation work on the interior of the existing building. Prepared conduit for rough-in into the masonry walls in the science rooms of the addition. Continuing installation of TV boxes through the addition. 
 Mechanical contractor continued the installation of the hot water piping, gas piping for the science classrooms. Ductwork in the addition is continuing. Continued the insulation of the ductwork. 
 Mason continued installing the spray applied air/vapor barrier on the exterior of the building. Started brick work on east elevation. 
 Roofing contractor started on the sloped roof and tying in the edges of the flat roof.