Construction Update 7/26/19 (Click for more)

Holmes School Week of July 22nd

 Boiler, water heater, pumps, and expansion tanks were all set in the Area C boiler room.
 Electrician has continued pulling wire for power and lighting throughout the addition as well as pulling low voltage cabling.
 Drywall contractor has completed the taping and mudding of the first floor classrooms and corridors. Taping still remains to be completed in the Multi-Purpose room. Drywall has been installed at the header locations throughout the area B renovation work. Has also completed the installation of drywall in the multi-purpose room.
 Curtainwall frames and glazing continues on the south elevation as well as the west elevation.
 Electrician is continuing rough-in of conduit in Area B.
 Painter is on second floor painting first coats in the corridor walls, soffits, as well as walls in the classrooms A210, A209, etc.
 Elevator has been roughly 90% completed.
 Tile has been set in the boys and girls restroom in the second floor.
 Ceiling grid has been installed in classrooms A210, A209, and second floor main restrooms both boys and girls.

Westview Hills Middle School Week of July 22nd

 Electrician is continuing rough-in of electrical conduit through the renovation areas A and B. Beginning to pull wire for power and lighting in the B area.
 Mechanical contractor delivered and removed the existing Roof Top units for the renovation work as well as the addition work.
 Plumber has completed sewage ejector pit. Continues to rough-in overhead piping throughout the renovation areas, and is working with the mason to ensure all sinks in masonry walls are properly roughed in.
 Mason is roughly 90% complete with all masonry work through the addition and renovation.
 Drywall is continuing to be installed in the area A FACS, band area in auditorium. Taping and finishing has begun in the art room.
 First coats of painting are completed in the cafeteria, common areas of the library.
 Ceiling grid is being installed in the common area of the library. Ceiling grid was completed in room C11A, C111, and C110.
 Electrician has installed light fixtures in rooms C111A, C111, and C110.