Wilbert Chu Places 1st In Math Counts Competition

Wilbert Chu (7th grade) won 1st Place Individual Award at Chapter Math Counts competition for the second year in a row! The Salt Creek Chapter includes 18 schools in the area: Westview Hills Middle School, Avery Coonley Gifted School, Butler Junior High School (Oak Brook), Cass Junior High School (Darien), Clarendon Hills Middle School (Clarendon Hills), Hinsdale Middle School (Hinsdale), Gower Middle School (Burr Ridge), Bryan Middle School (Elmhurst), Glen Crest Middle School (Glen Ellyn), among others. It's a great honor to compete with top mathletes in the area schools and advance to the State competition.

Chu Award

Thank you so very much for all Wilbert's teachers and coaches who have cultivated him throughout the years and the wonderful school Wilbert is so fortunate to be a member of! We are so grateful for all you do! We really appreciate Ms. Constantine who is his math club coach, Ms. Nodelman who is his current math teacher, Ms. Burnett who came to organize the school team today, and all his past and current teachers so very much!

- Luyan (Wilbert’s mom)