Join the Team at Maercker District 60

Our school district has a long history and serves an amazing community! Originally opened as a one-room schoolhouse in 1855, Maercker District 60 (pronounced "Marker") has grown to include three schools proudly serving portions of Westmont, Willowbrook, Clarendon Hills, Hinsdale, Darien and Unincorporated DuPage County. 

Our mission is to foster a safe, inclusive community that empowers and inspires life-long curiosity for learning.environment. This can be seen throughout our schools as our talented staff go above and beyond on a daily basis. Whether it is providing specialized one-on-one instruction in special education, utilizing state-of-the-art technology in classrooms to get students excited about learning, or creating lasting and meaningful connections with students and families, the team at Maercker District 60 works together to educate our students for tomorrow’s world. 

Benefits for Employees

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School Year Educational Support Staff

  • Fully paid single health insurance, with other insurance options, or cash-in-lieu of medical insurance available.

  • Dental (Employee Paid)

  • Employee Assistance Plan

  • Flexible Spending Account

  • 403(b) Retirement Plans

  • Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund

Certified Staff

  • BCBS PPO and HMO Medical Options

  • Dental PPO and HMO Options (Employee Paid)

  • Employee Assistance Plan

  • Flexible Spending Account

  • Life Insurance

  • 403(b) Retirement Plans

Why Choose Maercker?

  • Incredible Diversity - Students and staff are able to bring their authentic selves to our schools and come together as a unified community. We want our team to reflect the diversity of our students.

  • Financially Strong - Our district has a great foundation in place and is able to provide highly competitive salary and benefits packages as we invest in our staff and schools.

  • Professional Development - If you are looking to grow as an educator, this is the place for you! We offer robust professional development opportunities to our staff so they can continue to learn and grow as professionals.

  • Collaborative Spirit - Teamwork is a deeply embedded core value in D60. We provide personal plan time and team plan time every day so that our staff can collaborate around instructional practices and student needs.

  • Student-centered programming - Maercker District 60 supports the learning needs of all students by integrating technology and enhancing learning through state-of-the art programming. From PreK through grade 8, we make sure students have the tools they need!

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Hear from Our Team

No one can better tell the story of working in our schools than the dedicated professionals that are here every day.

Here's what a few of our team have to say:

Noora Hazou

"I chose to join the Maercker 60 team for several reasons. First, I appreciated the diversity in the students and staff within the district. Through a diverse staff, it shows that the district appreciates and protects student, staff, and family culture, abilities, religion and customs. I could see that administrators and staff are here to support staff members, students, and families. "

- Noora Hazou - Learning Behavior Specialist - Maercker Intermediate School

Amy Bailey

"Maercker D60 is a very supportive and tight-knit team and the support is palpable across all the schools. Each day brings a new experience, and we grow and learn together as a team. We strive for our students to have good experiences that will stay with them into adulthood."

- Amy Bailey - Certified School Nurse

Elizabeth Jason

"After having interactions with the Maercker special education department in my role last year as a preschool inclusion teacher in another school district, I knew that if I ever saw an Early Childhood opportunity come up in the district, I would apply. As luck would have it, a position was posted last summer! I applied almost immediately. Throughout the interview process, I could tell that my first impression was correct and that this is where I wanted to grow my career. The rest is history!"

Elizabeth Jason - Blended Preschool Teacher - Holmes Primary School

Lana Nouti-Abubaker

“What excites me about Maercker District 60 is the diversity! I am always learning from my students about their different cultures, traditions, and beliefs. I am happy to share about myself with my students as well and get many questions from them about my mixed cultural background and traditions. We value each other and strive to make everyone feel included.”

- Lana Nouti-Abubaker- EL Resource Teacher, Maercker Intermediate School

George Huff

“There is a strong sense of professionalism, empathy, and mutual support here! The teachers work well together and do what they can to support each other while always keeping in mind what is best for the students. The kindness that teachers show each other, and their students, is really remarkable. Thanks to our size, everyone knows each other on a deeper level than other, larger buildings that I have worked in.”

- George Huff, Band Teacher, Westview Hills Middle School

Diane Campbell

“I was initially attracted to Maercker District 60 for its size. When I interviewed, the Dual Language Program was a vision. I was able to get in on the ‘ground floor’ and share my experiences.I was able to be part of the committee that envisioned, designed, and implemented a quality program. I am proud to have seen the idea come to life and thrive in our children!”

Diane Campbell - BIL/ESL Teacher - Maercker Intermediate School

Julie Milos

“One of the main reasons I chose to apply to D60 is because I had firsthand experience of the impact this district has on kids and families and I wanted to be a part of such important work. My children attended D60 and had great academic, social, and athletic opportunities. They thrived in D60 and are thriving in high school now as a result, I believe, of the preparation D60 provided. ”

Julie Milos - First Grade Teacher, Holmes Primary School

Estela Rosales-Harrigan

“At Maercker D60 we create engaging, multicultural, student-centered lessons with our grade level teams. We are encouraged to continue to perfect our craft as lifelong learners to meet the needs of all our students through our conversations in our PLCs and Professional Development.”

- Estela Rosales-Harrigan - Fifth Grade Bilingual Educator, Maercker Intermediate School

Erin Rzkepka

“What excites me about working in Maercker District 60 each day is the group of enthusiastic and diverse learners I get the privilege of educating. Working at District 60 allows staff members to use their creativity and experiences to plan engaging lessons. Teachers don’t 'teach out of a box' but get to work with teammates and gear learning towards what the students need and are interested in.”

- Erin Rzkepka - Sixth Grade Teacher, Westview Hills Middle School

Ready to Join us?

There are open positions available and we are excited to learn more about you and what you can bring to our team!