Restorative Justice

Maercker School SLT Peer Jury Program

Student Leadership Team (SLT) is chosen by their peers and will complete over ten hours of training in Peer Jury and Restorative Justice.  The SLT will serve on a Peer Jury for students who have committed offenses against Maercker PBIS expectations.

The Peer Jury program is designed to apply restorative justice on the student who caused the harm as well as the student offended.  By allowing the student who caused the harm to experience consequences for their actions and at the same time be reintroduced into the school community we build a stronger and more cohesive school and student body.   

A case is assigned by the Administrator to Peer Jury for a hearing by a jury on the Student Leadership Team (SLT) and an adult moderator when (1) the referred student admits having committed the offense (2) the person harmed has input either in person or in writing.

When the student participates, they are asked if they would like to ask any questions or make a statement. The student also may take this opportunity to address their needs in repairing the harm. If the person harmed is not present, a statement can be read for the person who was harmed. The referred student completes the written agreement, which is monitored by the Peer Jury.